The “Four P’s” of Creating a Will

  • September 14, 2017
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The process of completing a will can be overwhelming, but you’ll find it’s a worthwhile investment of your time — bringing peace of mind for you and your family. By working through the four areas listed below, you’ll lay the foundation for an estate plan that helps you steward your God-given resources and best provide for the people and ministries you care about most.

  • 1. People

    List the family members and other individuals, as well as charitable organizations, that will be part of your estate distribution. Consider making provisions for those who are dependent upon you for financial support and making gifts to others because of your love for them, although they may not be dependent upon you.

  • 2. Property

    Identify all of the assets over which God has made you a steward — including real estate, vehicles, jewelry and collectibles, financial securities, checking and savings accounts, business interests or mineral rights — and include the title in which the assets are held.

  • 3. Plans

    Create your plan by starting with prayer. Then move forward with what you understand to be God’s plan of stewardship for the distribution of your estate. Think about how you want the property you’ve identified distributed to the people you’ve listed. These plans will determine to whom your assets will be given and how much each person or organization will receive, as a dollar amount or percentage.

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    In addition, a part of your plan will include decisions on who will be your personal representative as executor, trustee, durable power of attorney or guardian, if you have children under 18 years old.

    Free will-planning resources are available from the Wycliffe Foundation. You can request your copies here.

  • 4. Planners

    List those people upon whom you rely for advice in making significant financial and legal decisions, like your attorney, accountant or financial planner.

    The Wycliffe Foundation can help you design a biblically based estate plan that is “attorney ready” before you meet with your planners. And the Foundation’s service is provided in a confidential manner, without charge for Wycliffe donors.

Free Will-Planning Resources

The Wycliffe Foundation has two free resources to offer to you as you prepare to create or revise a will.

  • The “Guide to Planning Your Estate” provides a helpful overview of the estate design process, gives you a working knowledge of the terms and documents that you will encounter and provides helpful biblical insights on the topic of Christian stewardship.

  • The “Confidential Estate Inventory” is a more in-depth guide to identifying your “Four P’s” of estate planning.

You can request your copies here.

For more information, or to take advantage of the Wycliffe Foundation’s estate design service, please contact the Wycliffe Foundation by emailing or calling 1-877-493-3600.