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Threads of Hope

Simple, handmade bracelets help provide a brighter tomorrow for families in the Philippines.

  • January 28, 2016
  • By: Melissa Paredes
Woman making bracelets with her kids

In 2003, while serving as missionaries with First Love International Ministries in the Philippines, Alex and Chris Kuhlow befriended some local girls who sold thread bracelets to tourists.

Woman with brightly colored bracelets

During one of their visits, Alex and Chris noticed that one of the girls was missing. They learned that she hadn’t been able to sell enough bracelets to support her family and had escaped poverty by choosing the unthinkable — prostitution.

Alex and Chris were heartbroken, and not just for their friend. Sadly, many girls have made the same choice in order to save their families from poverty and destitution.

Making bracelets

Alex and Chris knew they had to do something to help the other girls avoid the same fate. So they purchased $100 worth of bracelets. Then they sold the bracelets to friends and family, using the profits to buy more bracelets, supporting more girls and their families.

That’s how Threads of Hope was born.

Today, more than 200 Filipino families have an honest, honorable and stable income through Threads of Hope. Children who were once in danger are now safe. Every month the company purchases more than $20,000 worth of products from these families and distributes them globally.


But Threads of Hope provides families with more than just an income. They also seek to meet their spiritual needs by sharing the gospel message of Christ’s love through church services, Bible studies and fellowship. And, most importantly, they give hope for a brighter tomorrow.

All Threads of Hope profits are reinvested to purchase more products that help meet the needs of the community. Buy bracelets today, give hope for tomorrow.