Two Teachers Find Their Niche in Missions

  • January 13, 2017

Alan and Amanda Halbrooks knew they wanted to be teachers, but they had no idea that they could fulfill that calling on their lives while also pursuing missions. Then they joined Wycliffe and brought those two passions together. Their work allows them to literally be part of the Bible translation process. And by taking the time to educate the children of Wycliffe staff, they enable the translators, linguists and everyone else to invest fully in their work. They have seen firsthand that their work in Papua New Guinea allows families and translation projects to be healthy. And in the process, they’re able to teach children that they can be involved in something much bigger than themselves.

Like Alan and Amanda, you too can use the skills and passion God has given you to serve in missions. Explore various roles at Wycliffe that allow you to do this!