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Wycliffe Discovery Center

Stop by and visit the Wycliffe Discovery Center, Village Shop and Wycliffe Cafe for a tour of the exhibits, shopping or a dining experience. 

If you are experiencing any Covid-like symptoms, please refrain from visiting until you are at full health. 

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Weekly Offerings

Discovery Center

The Wycliffe Discovery Center is an interactive experience for guests of all ages. Whether you’re 5 or 75 years old, you’ll enjoy learning about people, languages and cultures all over the world. You’ll also come face to face with the staggering number of people who are still waiting for a single word of the Bible in their own language.

Stop by for a tour at the top of the hour and hear amazing stories of how lives are being changed as God’s Word is made accessible to those who still need it, and find out how you can be a part of what God is doing all around the world through Bible translation.

To book a tour in English or Spanish, call 407-852-3625 or email events_orlando@wycliffe.org.

Education Programs

Cost: $10 student (5-18 years); $5 adults 

Wycliffe offers education programs for students of all ages! Our programs run an average of two hours, and give students a hands-on learning experience they won't soon forget. 

A-Z Worldwide Adventure is for elementary-aged students and showcases different languages, cultures and people from across the globe. Students will learn about the world, God's love for all people and the need for everyone to have the Bible in their own language through crafts, games, stories and activities.

Mission Encounter: The Challenge is for students middle-school through college. Students will delve into missions and Bible translation during this hands-on adventure by completing challenges that cover topics such as geography, culture, language and more. Students will expand their understanding of what God is doing around the world and how he has uniquely created them to be a part of his global mission.

Join us for an A-Z Worldwide Adventure or Mission Encounter: The Challenge on select Fridays! Simply register for the Friday that works best for you, whether you're an individual family, homeschool group or otherwise.

If you have groups of 30 students or more, email events_orlando@wycliffe.org or call 407-852-3611 to book your private program. 

Want to learn more about Kate and Mack? Check out their books at our online shop and browse our free downloadable resources to continue exploring the world from home! 

Mystery of the Missing Scriptures

Cost: $20 (2 people); $30 (3-4 people); $40 (5-6 people). 

Max group size: 6 people.  

Solve “The Mystery of the Missing Scriptures” in this escape room-esque experience! With only 60 minutes, this mystery gives you a hands-on, interactive experience in our Discovery Center. As you go through the exhibit, you’ll have to answer a sequence of riddles to solve the mystery and find the missing Scriptures!

This experience is recommended for groups of all ages. If your group includes kids 12 and under, we recommend having at least two adults to assist with the experience.

Get a peek at "The Mystery of the Missing Scriptures" and book your adventure today by emailing events_orlando@wycliffe.org or by calling 407-852-3611. 

Village Shop

Looking for unique gifts from around the world? Wycliffe’s Village Shop sells an assortment of handcrafted jewelry, nativity scenes from around the world, colorful handbags and purses, carved wooden bowls, beautiful postcards, engaging and inspirational books, Wycliffe-related apparel for both adults and children and much more!

Your purchase helps people around the world receive the Bible for the first time in the language that speaks directly to their hearts.
Wycliffe Cafe

If you start getting hungry during your tour, Wycliffe Cafe is just steps away from the Discovery Center! Enjoy a delicious and affordable lunch with your family and friends from 11 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. 

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