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Gifts in Kind Stories

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A Special Diamond

  • July 15, 2015
  • By: Angela Nelson

After learning about Wycliffe and the work it does, Mary gave one of the most important items in her life in response to God’s generous blessings and to support missionaries she cared for.

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Dental Chairs for Missions

  • July 29, 2015
  • By: Melissa Paredes

It's easy to think that we can only support missions with our money. But that's not true! Non-cash gifts can be just as helpful to the work of Bible translation. Even dental chairs.

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We Love Stuff

  • August 19, 2015
  • By: Melissa Stillman

We aren’t measured by how much we own. In fact, stuff was of very little importance to Jesus during his time on earth. Instead he invites us to give the resources he provided to help build something eternal — his kingdom. We know it’s “more blessed to give than to receive,” but what if we truly understood what it meant to share what we’d been given? To forgo our wants and help supply the needs of others?

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Electronics Provide Scripture Access in the Solomons

  • January 25, 2017
  • By: Melissa Stillman

Audio Scripture plays a big role in reaching people with the gospel in the Solomon Islands. Cynthia Rollins, a Scripture Use worker, is helping to facilitate recordings of the 20 Scripture translations. Read more and learn how you can help.

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6 Ways You Can Give Well

  • June 5, 2018

When it comes to giving, we all want our gifts to be more than just charitable donations. How can you truly make a difference with your generosity? It starts with the heart.

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