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Explore Bible Translation - Pennsylvania

Lancaster Bible College, Lancaster, PA

Come to Explore Bible Translation and spend five days with a team of seasoned missionaries who have invested their lives in the Bible translation movement! 

Throughout the week you’ll …

  • Discover how Bible translation brings hope.
  • Gain exposure to Wycliffe's culture, history and vision for reaching the Bibleless.
  • Explore the process of Bible translation and the roles the needed to complete the work.
  • Envision being used by God to impact Bibleless communities.

… all while building relationships and making connections.

You can expect mornings and afternoons filled with interactive learning experiences on a variety of topics related to how God's Word is translated into different languages, and how people are transformed when they gain access to that Word.

In the evenings field workers will share about their experiences of working on translation projects. It all adds up to a memorable week of learning, exploration and fellowship!

Details about this location

The venue is on the beautiful campus of Lancaster Bible College just north of the city. Please arrive by 5 PM on Sunday night. We will end the course at 1 PM on Friday right after lunch is served. If you plan to fly or use other public transportation, please do not make any reservations until you contact the event coordinator to discuss possible options.

  • This event is recommended for those who are 18 or above. Minors may attend with a parent or legal guardian.
  • General class sizes are 15–30 people.
  • Housing and meals are provided.
  • Cost is $425. Early registration rate of $375 by May 17th.
  • Discounts available (contact the coordinator for more details):
    • former TIU alumni are free, as long as they bring a friend (who pays full price).
    • Special pricing for  married couples  and parents accompanying a minor.
    • Perspectives Alums-- if you have completed the Perspectives on the World Christian Movement course, Wycliffe offers a $100 discount.
    • YWAM-DTS Alums– if you have completed the YWAM DTS course, Wycliffe offers a $100 discount.
    • for Café 1040 Alums, Wycliffe offers a $100 discount.
    • Other discounts may be available (contact the event coordinator for details).

Please contact Janet Morris, the Event Coordinator, at recruitment_ne@wycliffe.org or reach her by phone at 717-806-8131.

***If someone will be attending with you, please be sure they register separately.