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Explore Wycliffe Live: Convergence: Consulting and Global Theology

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Convergence: Consulting and Global Theology

What is global theology and how is it impacting Bible translation consulting?

The vitality of the global church, the emerging global theology conversation and globally increasing levels of education and connectivity all contribute to a very different context for Bible translation in the 21st century.

Join Bryan Harmelink as he discusses these changes, as well as how Wycliffe can come alongside churches and communities by encouraging, coaching, training and reviewing translations.

Bryan and Joan Harmelink have been serving with Wycliffe for nearly 41 years. Bryan’s career has included serving as the translation advisor for the Mapuche language community in southern Chile, working for 20 years as a translation consultant and serving on the international level as a translation coordinator. Currently he’s the director for collaboration with the Wycliffe Global Alliance and one of the founding leaders of Convergence.

When: Tuesday, Dec. 1 at 8 p.m. ET
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Explore Wycliffe Live: Convergence is a free, one-hour webinar series for you to learn about Convergence. We hope you’ll join the conversation!

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