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Explore Wycliffe Live: Eurasia

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We're sorry, but this webinar has passed. The recording is only available through a recruiter. If you are interested in viewing it, please send an email to Tim Scanlon at tim_scanlon@wycliffe.org.


Darrel and his wife Laurie joined Wycliffe in 1985 wanting to work in snow country like northern Alaska or Canada. They ended up in the Australian tropics working with the Torres Strait Islanders.

Currently Darrel is the co-director of the Isaiah 55 Service Group that oversees work with languages of North Africa and the Middle East.

Most language projects in this region are not taking place in the language home area. Workers need to be self-motivated, flexible and able to work as part of a virtual team. Work in this region can be difficult and rewarding, but it is progressing!  

Watch this Explore Wycliffe Live recorded session to learn more about God’s work in this region of the world.

Explore Wycliffe Live is a one hour free event designed for you to hear from Wycliffe members who serve around the world. Learn about the roles that are needed in Bible translation as well as what is happening in Bible translation in their location. We hope you’ll join in on the conversation!

(Note: you can view previously recorded EWL events at https://sites.google.com/wycliffe.org/ewl/home)