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Explore Wycliffe Live: Finances, Partners, and Missions: You’re Not Alone!

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Finances, Partners, and Missions: You’re Not Alone!

We know finances are overwhelming at the best of times -- and throwing missions into the mix can make it even more challenging! But, we want to come alongside you as you sort through these questions. Check out this video that shares how you are not alone:

You're Not Alone from Wycliffe Bible Translators USA on Vimeo.

Over 3000 Wycliffe members trust God to provide their salary through gifts from family, friends, and churches. Instead of a burden, many find this model to be a huge blessing! Why and how does this work? 

Rick Heiden, the Director of Partnership Development, leads the team which trains new missionaries in building sustainable teams of prayer and financial ministry partners. Join us on Sunday, February 16, 2020 at 8pm ET to learn more about this paradigm and how it can encourage you!

Rick and his wife, Gayle, joined Wycliffe in 1991; they have two sons and one large cat.  

When: Sunday Feb. 16, 2020 at 7pmCDT/8pmEDT
Where: Right from where you are! (join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android)

Click on the following zoom link to join in on the conversation: https://wycliffe.zoom.us/j/537879408

Explore Wycliffe Live is a one hour free event designed for you to hear from Wycliffe members who serve around the world. Learn about the roles that are needed in Bible translation as well as what is happening in Bible translation in their location. We hope you’ll join in on the conversation!

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