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Explore Wycliffe Live: New Testament Translation Consultant

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New Testament Translation Consultant
“Can we replace ‘Lord’ with ‘Jesus’? It’s confusing.” 

Even after a translation has been drafted and checked multiple times, sometimes it is still difficult to decide which words communicate the best. That’s when a translation consultant comes in to help! In this webinar Sharon shares about her experiences as a translation consultant in French-speaking Africa, including serving 11 years in Senegal. 

Sharon joined Wycliffe in 2007 and served 11 years in Senegal. She now lives in France where she provides translation consultant services to francophone Africa.

Explore Wycliffe Live is a one hour free event designed for you to hear from Wycliffe members who serve around the world. Learn about the roles that are needed in Bible translation as well as what is happening in Bible translation in their location. We hope you’ll join in on the conversation!

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