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Explore Wycliffe Live: Translating the Bible Step-by-Step

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Translating the Bible Step-by-Step

How do you produce a Bible in a language that isn’t even written down yet?

Join Mike Cahill, a Bible translation advisor who worked with the Koma people in Ghana, as he walks you through the process of Bible translation — from writing an alphabet to dedicating a New Testament! You’ll learn why it’s critical for translations to be clear, accurate, natural and impactful, discover the many checks and balances to ensure the final product meets those goals, and learn about the global team that works together to make a translation possible.

Mike and his wife, Ginia, have served with Wycliffe for 38 years. Mike has served in a variety of roles in both Wycliffe and SIL, a primary strategic partner, including serving as the international linguistics coordinator and the orthography services coordinator where he advises how to write previously unwritten languages. Mike is passionate about laying solid foundations for translation in orthography and linguistics so people will receive a good quality translation they can actually read.

When: Sunday, Dec. 6 at 8 p.m. ET
Where: From wherever you are! (Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android.)

Explore Wycliffe Live is a free, one-hour online event designed for you to hear from Wycliffe missionaries serving around the world. You’ll get to hear about a variety of topics ranging from Bible translation to internship opportunities to trauma healing and so much more! We hope you’ll join the conversation!

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