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Race for Possible - Montana

Plains, Montana

An Adventure Race with Eternal Impact!

You can have a part in eradicating a great injustice: Bible poverty. Join us in a Race for Possible event! Partner with JAARS to support a project directly related to the work of Bible translation around the world. Bible translation work will not be complete until the approximately 600 million people worldwide who still have little-to-no Scripture have access to God’s Word in their own language. Our vision is to engage people individually and collectively in the transformative work of language development and Bible translation.

The Race for Possible

Each race is a two day adrenaline-fueled challenge held in a beautiful outdoor location. Depending on the location, you will:

  • climb and rappel precarious heights
  • paddle challenging waterways
  • pedal or hike breathtaking wilderness trails
  • discover a hidden village
  • hear from veteran missionaries who will engage hearts and minds with stories of lives spent serving God in some of the toughest, most remote places in the world

Never rappelled or canoed? We will have trained staff at each segment to assist you. No prior skills required!

While this is a competition and a race, it is designed to be fun and focus on team building and learning to face situations you normally wouldn’t. Not in the shape of your life? This race is physically exerting but most challenges can be managed by someone in moderate shape.

Questions? Contact Race Coordinator Kris Russel, kris_russel@jaars.org or call 541.459.7836 

Note: information on other races can be found at http://jaars.org/race. Also, check out the Race for Possible on Facebook!