Explore Bible Translation Extreme - North Carolina

Waxhaw, NC

Discover Bible translation at Explore Bible Translation Extreme, where intense learning meets interactive, outdoor fun!

During this five-day course, real-world translators introduce you to the ins and outs of Bible translation through fast-paced, stimulating presentations and fun class activities — all while living in the outdoors! Topics include grammar, phonetics and phonology, language and culture learning, translation and semantics, literacy and ethnomusicology, and sign-language translation.

This particular course is extreme because you’ll be doing everything in the outdoors! You’ll live in a simulated village experience, sleep in a champa (a hut built 5 feet above the ground), sleep in a hammock, eat outdoors and attend the different sessions in an outdoor pavilion.

Come be inspired by the wealth of testimonies and videos that bridge the gap between academics and the real-world adventure of being a Bible translator. Plus, this outdoor-based experience will make this an exciting week you’ll never forget!

Additional information:

  • This event is recommended for those who are 18 or above. Minors may attend with a parent or legal guardian of the same gender.
  • General class sizes are 17–22 people.
  • Housing and meals are provided.
  • Cost is $425 before discounts. Early registration of $375 by July 13th.
  • Discounts (contact the event coordinator for details):
    • former Total It Up! alumni are free, as long as they bring a friend (who pays full price).
    • Special pricing for married couples and parents accompanying a minor.
    • Perspectives Alums– if you have completed the Perspectives on the World Christian Movement course, Wycliffe offers a $100 discount.
    • YWAM-DTS Alums– if you have completed the YWAM DTS course, Wycliffe offers a $100 discount.

Please contact event coordinators Andy and Jan Ott at tiu_extreme@wycliffe.org if you have any questions, or for more details.

The Woods Center on the JAARS Campus, Waxhaw, NC. JAARS is located about 50 minutes from Charlotte Douglas International Airport.

Please arrive at the JAARS Center between 1:00 and  2:30 PM.

Do not book a flight or other public transportation out of Charlotte earlier than 3:30 PM on 8/18!