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Explore Bible Translation

When God puts serving in missions on your heart, it can feel like something out of reach. How do you figure out if missions is right for you? How do you know which job to take or which organization to serve with?

It can be hard to find the time to answer these questions amid the busyness of everyday life. But answering the questions is critical, because becoming a missionary is more than a career: It’s a calling. Missions is challenging, will stretch you and sometimes can even be painful. It requires commitment, sacrifice and resilience.

But it also means you’ll see God work in and through you in ways you never imagined! Your sacrifices have meaning, your colleagues become your family and as a result of your partnership, people around the world meet Jesus through Scripture in their own language.

We know that figuring out if missions is right for you is a big step. At Wycliffe, we believe you need time and space to unpack complex things like language learning, Bible translation principles and cross-cultural living before you make a commitment. You need immersive, hands-on opportunities to try out your future job. You need face-to-face conversations with seasoned missionaries so you can ask them the hard questions. And you need a place to pray and worship the Lord without distraction.

All of this is possible at our in-person events! These events are designed to help you navigate your calling as a missionary through hands-on experiences, daily learning sessions and individual conversations. And they all take place in a community of believers who are exploring the same things as you.

Explore Bible Translation focuses on the building blocks of Bible translation and all the pieces needed to help a community successfully translate Scripture and be transformed.

Explore Creative Access focuses on Bible translation in places around the world where Christians can’t necessarily work openly.

“[Attending] Explore Bible Translation … felt like being welcomed into a family. … It was so special — emotional, even — to be in the same room with so many people God has worked through to advance the gospel. … .I would recommend making life-altering career decisions in this restful, encouraging, inspiring atmosphere.”
— Taylor Wilcox, Explore Bible Translation attendee

We want you to thrive wherever God has called you. Let’s figure that out together!

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