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Explore Creative Access
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Is God calling you to reach people groups in sensitive areas — where church activities are greatly restricted, where open evangelism by Christians is unlawful, and where churches have to meet in secret?

Come to Explore Creative Access. This year we’re focusing on Middle Eastern and Arabic-speaking countries.

You’ll spend five days with a team of seasoned missionaries who have invested their lives in the Bible translation movement. Hear what they have to say and listen for the Lord’s direction:

  • What have they done?
  • How did they do it?
  • What is being done today?
  • Could you have a part to play in this mission?

Join us for Explore Creative Access, where our staff will guide your exploration of God’s calling for you. You’ll also have many opportunities to pray, reflect and get to know staff and fellow participants.

This event is not only for those who have a background in languages. Our teams consist of all sorts of personnel, including those with training in education, the arts, HR, management, counseling, computer science, administration, finance, engineering, marketing, editing and more. Each person's unique gifting has a role to play in this ministry.

What to Expect

During the week you can expect mornings and afternoons filled with interactive learning experiences on a variety of topics related to how God's Word is translated into different languages, and how people are transformed when they gain access to that Word.

In the evenings, field workers will share about their experiences of working on translation projects. And of course, we end each day with traditional Arabic tea!

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