Help Complete the New Testament for Three Languages in Benin

Help Complete the New Testament for Three Languages in Benin

Project Description

Three translation projects in Benin — Byali, Nateni and Mbelime — are working to complete their New Testaments. This cluster approach is led by Beninese team members and allows translators to share and learn from each other. The Byali and Nateni teams are close to the
same point in their translations, with the majority of the New Testament drafted and in the process of being checked with translation consultants so revisions can begin. But because
of an eight-year delay, the Mbelime project is still early on in their translation.

One of the major challenges for all three projects is encouraging speakers of the languages — especially church leaders and members — to value translated Scripture and literature in the local language. The translators were encouraged when they heard from a churchgoer who shared, “I was someone who quickly forgot the teachings and sermons [at church]. I take
notes and meditate on the passages at home. This has helped me grow spiritually and I have started to evangelize others.” 

Your gifts will support the completion of the New Testament for all three languages. The Byali and Nateni projects hope to publish their testaments in 2017, with the Mbelime New Testament team aiming for 2023.

Funds in excess of the current need will be applied to a similar project or to future needs within the same project.