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Hope Rising: Stories of Trauma and Healing

A documentary about the impact of healing workshops for the traumatized

“Hope Rising: Stories of Trauma and Healing” shares how biblical and core mental health principles are bringing healing and hope to people in the Congo.

We invite you to watch this documentary and see how these workshops are making a difference. Be a part of this life-changing work through giving to a trauma healing project, receiving a free lesson from “Healing the Wounds of Trauma” and signing up for our e-newsletter.

Stories of Healing

Kande's Story

“Kande’s Story” is the real-life account of a 12-year-old African girl who lost both her father and mother to AIDS and was left to fend for herself and her five siblings. Her story has been featured across Africa, introducing a conversation about HIV/AIDS prevention within a biblical framework. 

Simon’s Story

How God’s Word freed a man from anger and guilt

Here’s how God’s Word freed Simon from anger and guilt after his wife and daughter were raped by the militia.

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