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Help bring the Good News to people!

Be a messenger of the gospel to those still waiting for it.

Pastor Joey Mwaikokesya pushed his heavy bicycle up a steep mountain path toward a remote village in northern Malawi. When he arrived in the village, the people rushed out to meet him. They were shouting and jumping for joy at the good news he brought.

“Please, calm down!” Pastor Joey had to tell the crowd. Pastor Joey’s bicycle was loaded with Scripture portions in Nyiha, a local language spoken in Malawi and Tanzania.

These were the first words of Scripture the Nyiha people had ever experienced in their own language. And they couldn’t wait to finally hear God speak to them in a language they understood deep in their hearts.

“We didn’t have many books with us,” Pastor Joey explained later on. “Yet the people were so happy .... These people are like that lady who asked Jesus, ‘Please, could I even pick the crumbs?’ Anything you show them, they grab it.”

So many more people in East Africa — and around the world — are also eager for God’s Word. But they’re still waiting for it in a language they can understand clearly. They’re waiting for people just like Pastor Joey to deliver the hope of the gospel to them.

You can make more joyful days like the one in the Malawi village possible! As a partner with Wycliffe, you have the opportunity to be one of the Spirit-led messengers described in Isaiah 52:7, bringing the Good News of Jesus to people.

Your gift today will empower translation teams in Africa and around the world to translate Scripture for their communities. You’ll help bring the life-changing power of God’s Word — and the Good News of Jesus — to people in a language that will touch their hearts.

Yes, I will help share the Good News through Bible translation.