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New Discoveries in God’s Word

It’s an exciting moment when God uses a familiar passage of Scripture to teach you something brand new. It’s a reminder that he is active and working in our lives through his Word. That’s what happened for a group of Christians in the high country of southwest Tanzania, where Wycliffe teams are working to translate 13 languages in the region.

The group of 15 people, including many pastors, had been brought together to review a recent translation of the Gospel of Luke in the Safwa language. They gathered in a room with a spectacular view of the towering Mbeya Peak. But no one looked out the window. Instead, they were busy reading passage after passage of Scripture in Safwa and discussing the words they contained with the translators.

After several days, they came to Luke’s deeply moving account of the crucifixion of Jesus. In hushed tones, they read of his death and wondered at the darkness that immediately followed it. They were confused when they read, “And suddenly, the curtain in the sanctuary of the Temple was torn down the middle” (Luke 23:45, NLT).

people outside of church

In Safwa communities, the thin curtains on their windows are often torn. So they asked the translators, “Why does Luke write this?”

The translators explained that the temple curtain was much thicker than the ones in their homes, and was meant to separate the people from God’s presence. When the temple curtain was torn, God was inviting everyone into his presence through faith in Jesus Christ.

Sharing the Best Discovery of All

Just like those 15 people at the Safwa translation review, everyone deserves to know the temple curtain has been torn in two and nothing stands in the way of enjoying God’s loving presence.

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