Help People Discover the God Who Cares

Help this people group find a friend in God.

To a people group in Eurasia, God has seemed distant.

Culturally, God is viewed as distant, demanding and unconcerned about their daily lives and difficulties.

This people group faces persecution and hardship without the knowledge of God’s presence and power in their lives that Scripture provides.

God is working through translated Scripture to draw the people to himself.

While testing the first portions of Scripture, local translators have seen excitement growing in their communities.

“I am encouraged to see God speaking to people even at the very first reading,” says one translator. “I think the Spirit is confirming in their hearts the truth of the words they are hearing.”

You can help this people group find a friend in God.

When you partner with this people group to translate the Bible in their language, they will discover the truth of God in his Word — that he cares for them! Your gift will help build a strong translation team and support Bible translation.

By having the Bible in their language, this people group will learn that they can have a loving relationship with God through Jesus Christ — and they will be assured that he walks with them through each difficulty they face.

Yes, I want to help this people group discover the God who cares!