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Share God’s love with the Manide people!

Michelle discovered the heart of God through Scripture.

Michelle felt like she didn’t matter.

The Manide people live in the Philippines; there are only about 4,000 Manide speakers in the world, and only 1 percent of them know the saving grace that comes from Jesus Christ.

Because of social barriers between two different Manide communities, a young Manide woman named Michelle felt ashamed of who she was. Like others in her community, she felt inferior to people in the other Manide group and struggled to interact with them.

The knowledge of God’s love brought Michelle hope.

Manide woman, Michelle

God used oral storytelling, which is a vital part of Manide culture, to bring the knowledge of his love to Michelle.

Michelle heard the Word of God for the first time at a youth camp, where storytellers shared oral Scripture.

Hearing Scripture changed her life and helped break down social barriers between the different Manide communities.

“I thank God for the opportunity to hear the gospel through Bible storytelling,” Michelle said. “It is the best way to reach our communities.

“It was the best experience — to learn more about God, appreciate his creation and realize that I am important to him.”

You can share God’s love with more Manide people.

Your gift empowers local teams in the Philippines to translate Scripture into a language that speaks to the hearts of the Manide people.

As Michelle discovered, God’s love is for all of us. We pray that through 35 translated oral Bible stories, God will move in the lives of more people like Michelle and bring them to knowledge of the risen Christ.

Join us in sharing God’s love today!

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