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Share the life-changing power of God's Word!

This summer, you can help bring hope to 5 million people.

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Millions still need God’s life-changing Word.

Around the world, more than 180 million people haven’t heard God’s message of love and redemption in a language that speaks to their hearts. The Good News we cherish is still distant to them.

But God is working through Bible translation to reveal himself to people in words they can clearly understand.

Wycliffe Bible Translators’ mission is to join God in this work, partnering with language communities to move Bible translation projects forward — from equipping translators to printing completed Scriptures.

People like Maria are experiencing the power of God’s Word.

As people in communities around the world encounter newly translated Scripture, they respond to the life-giving gospel.

For a long time, Maria wanted nothing to do with the Word of God. When she and other Laarim people in South Sudan faced severe hardships such as drought, they turned to the only god they knew — the one of their ancestors.

Maria laughed at her neighbors who chose to listen to Bible stories shared in the Laarim language. But then she began to attend Bible studies herself.

“Now I love Jesus,” Maria shared when she was baptized, “and am so thankful the missionaries have helped me come out of the darkness.”

Today Maria is sharing Bibles stories with more women in her community. She begins each weekly meeting by leading the group in worship and prayer, and she mentors others in sharing God’s Word too.

This summer, you can help change lives.

Lives are changed when people meet Jesus — the demonstration of God’s love — through his Word in a language they can relate to.

This summer, you can partner in translating God’s Word, empowering local translators and printing newly completed Scriptures impacting 5 million people across four countries.

And for a limited time, your gift will be matched to double your donation — extending the reach of God’s life-changing Word to people around the world!

Yes, I will help people meet Christ through translated Scripture.

What Your Gift Will Do


From creating a plan to developing an alphabet to testing drafts of Scripture, Bible translation teams embrace the task of making the Good News accessible to their communities. Wycliffe forms partnerships with local communities who are in this process, offering whatever help they need along the way.


Local translators around the world seek training so they can bring God’s Word to life for their own communities. Wycliffe equips these leaders by providing them with training opportunities. Through internships, online training and workshops, fully resourced translators are empowered to change lives by effectively putting the Word of God into the community’s heart language.


After the work of translation has been completed, printing is the final step for a community longing to have Bibles in their hands and in their homes. Your gift will put New Testaments in the hands of three people groups, so that more people can read the Good News in the language of their hearts.