Not everyone in the world has the Bible in a language they can clearly understand. Some people groups have been waiting for decades, and some may have to wait for many years more.

But those that receive translated Scripture experience its life-changing power. Fabien was forced to flee his village after rebels attacked it and burned everything to the ground. While in the refugee camp, he read the Gospel of Matthew in his own language and began to understand for the very first time what Christ had done for him.

“While reading the translated texts in my heart language,” says Fabien, “I was deeply touched. My heart has broken but I’m now turning my heart to my Creator for my comfort.” Fabien committed himself to Christ and is now pointing others to the hope and healing found in the Word of God.

You Can Make a Big Difference This Summer

So many people like Fabien are still waiting for God’s Word in the language that reaches their heart. But you — right now, right where you are — can help make that wait shorter.

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