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Share the life-changing power of God's Word!

This summer, you can bring hope to people through Scripture.


Millions still need God’s life-changing Word.

Around the world, about 167 million people haven’t heard God’s message of love and redemption in a language that speaks to their hearts. The Good News we cherish is still distant to them.

But God is working through Bible translation to reveal himself to people in ways they can clearly understand — people like Vinod in South Asia.

The power of Scripture changes lives.

As people in communities around the world encounter newly translated Scripture, they respond to the life-giving gospel.

Growing up, Vinod lived in a village with 20 temples dedicated to various gods and goddesses. He devotedly followed his religion and worshiped these idols. When Vinod was a college student, personal tragedy struck and he hit rock bottom. To ease his grief, he started chanting the names of his deities and attending services for them, but he struggled to find peace.

Seeing Vinod’s distress, his Christian friend gave him a Bible in a language he clearly understood and invited him to a prayer meeting. Vinod was amazed at the prayer service to see people from various places speaking different languages, holding hands together and praying for one another.

“This unusual experience touched my heart so much so that I started feeling peace in my heart,” said Vinod. “I was open to being prayed for, and I felt a change within myself. That was the turning point of my life when I gave my life to God.”

This summer, you can help bring hope to those waiting.

Lives are changed when people meet Jesus — the demonstration of God’s love — through his Word in a language they can understand. But there are so many people just like Vinod who haven’t experienced God’s Word in their language.

This summer, you can partner in bringing hope to people through Scripture. Your gift today will equip local translators with training, help translate the complete Bible for people around the world and print newly translated Scriptures.

And for a limited time, your gift will be tripled up to $180,000 — extending the reach of God’s life-changing Word to people around the world!