Help More People Meet and Follow Jesus | Wycliffe Bible Translators

God’s Word changes lives when people meet and follow Jesus.

Lives are changed completely by the powerful, unstoppable message of the gospel. It all starts with a simple question: who is Jesus?

But what if you desired to know and follow Jesus, yet the only Bible you had wasn’t in a language you could understand clearly?

God is bringing the Good News to people who don’t have it yet.

girl reading

When people encounter God’s Word in a language that speaks to their hearts, they’re delighted to discover that it’s clear and easy to read. Our aim is to partner with people groups in translating Scripture for their communities — so they can meet Jesus through his Word.

Each gift to translate the Word is so vital, helping Christ’s kingdom grow around the world as people follow Jesus and experience the joy of living for him.

Today, you can help more people meet Jesus in Scripture.

So many are still searching and seeking. Some are frustrated because they don’t understand. They need God’s Word in their language so they can embrace Jesus and find new life in him.

Today, you can be a part of what God is doing through Bible translation to help more people meet Jesus.

Yes, I will give to help more people meet Jesus.