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Help tell the story of God's faithfulness!

When conflict erupted along Ethiopia’s eastern border in 1999, Solomon was forced to flee for his life. After a long, treacherous journey on foot, he eventually made it to the refugee camp that became his home for the next six years.

Through all the difficulties he faced, God was with him. In the camp, Solomon discovered other refugees who spoke his language, Kunama, and gathered together for worship. They longed to hear from God, especially as they suffered very harsh conditions in the camp. But they didn’t have a Kunama Bible.

That’s when God put the passion in Solomon’s heart to see all of Scripture translated in Kunama. He wanted to help make that happen even though he continued to face many challenges.

When the conflict ended, Solomon and many other Kunama people could not go home. Today they’re scattered across Ethiopia, East Africa and throughout the world. But that has not quenched Solomon’s passion or stopped his team of translators from moving forward.

They believe everyone deserves to have God’s Word in a language and format that speaks to their hearts. And the Kunama people need the comfort of Scripture as they are scattered, isolated and often unable to worship with others who speak their language.

As a result, the Kunama team is working to translate the Old and New Testaments in just three years. That’s a bold goal that you can help accomplish!

Your gift will help the Kunama team complete the translation of the entire Bible. By helping provide God’s Word, you ensure the Kunama know God’s eternal promises and have assurance that he loves them. Your generosity makes it possible for more people in Ethiopia and around the world to meet Jesus and find new life in him.

Yes, I want to help tell the story of God’s steadfast love.