Feed My Sheep

A Call to Help Distribute Translated Scripture

Eugene is a Korean-American Bible translator working in a country that’s closed to Christian missionaries. He is passionately committed to getting translated Scripture into the hands of the people who need it. “My greatest challenge,” Eugene reflected, “was that I could not find an effective method of distributing the Scripture I was translating.”

He loaded microSD memory cards for use on mobile phones, but couldn’t safely distribute enough of them. A local video store owner agreed to sell DVDs, but Eugene couldn’t advertise them publicly.

Then he decided to post the Scripture videos he produced on Facebook. However, they prompted so many negative, discouraging comments that Eugene was poised to remove them altogether.

God Intervened in a Remarkable Way

And that’s when Jesus appeared to Eugene and spoke to him in Korean, his heart language.

“In this difficult time, Jesus spoke to me and said, ‘Be still and know that I am God,’” said Eugene. “And then he told me to ‘feed my sheep.’”

people on a busy city street in Seoul

Because Eugene was a translator, and not a pastor teaching in a church, he wondered who his sheep might be. “The people who are responding to your videos on Facebook are my sheep.”

Encouraged by God in this extraordinary way, Eugene kept his Scripture videos on Facebook. And as he continued posting new ones, things began to change. In fact, the videos he’s posted have been viewed more than one million times on Facebook.

Spread the Translated Word

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