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Help People Receive God’s Words of Hope!

You can share life-changing hope through Bible translation.

Rewan is a Bible translator in Eurasia where Christians have been persecuted for their faith. When Rewan chose to follow Christ, his uncle reported him to the authorities. Rewan was arrested, interrogated and tortured because of his faith in Christ.

But even then, God was working to change Rewan’s uncle.

Years after turning his nephew in, Rewan’s uncle began searching for purpose and meaning in his life. He started reading different books, including the New Testament, in his language.

Through the Word of God that Rewan helped translate, his uncle chose to follow Christ.

Lives are changed completely by the powerful, unstoppable message of the gospel. But millions of people still need to hear God speak in a language they understand clearly. Many of them are looking for hope — real, lasting hope — that can only be found in God’s Word. That’s why everyone needs words of hope in a language that speaks deeply to their hearts.

You can help make this kind of hope possible by partnering with Bible translation teams just like Rewan’s.

Today Rewan’s team is working to complete the Old Testament. They’re almost done with a book of worship songs that will encourage worship in local churches. With your help, Christ’s kingdom will grow in this part of the world!

Yes, I will share life-changing hope through Bible translation.