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Translated Scripture speaks to hearts!

A community in the Pacific waited for Scripture that would speak to their hearts.

Before Scripture was translated in his local language, Pastor Lapan led Bible studies in another language spoken in his region of Papua New Guinea. But he would always have to explain to the group what the passage meant. The words of Scripture didn’t resonate in their hearts.

Then a team began to translate God’s Word into Waskia, the local language. One day, as Pastor Lapan read a translated Bible passage, he could see the students lean in — they were engaged. “When they listen to the Waskia translation,” he says, “they understand it deep in their minds and hearts.”

Translated Scripture can touch hearts deeply.

When God’s Word is translated in a language that speaks to people’s hearts, the Spirit uses those words to mold and shape people’s lives.

Many more people in Papua New Guinea and around the world long for Scripture in a language they think, dream and pray in — a language that touches their hearts.

You can help people understand the depth of Christ’s sacrifice for them.

As Easter approaches, you have the opportunity to change lives by giving people access to Scripture in their own language! Your gift today will empower translation teams as they prepare passages to help people understand Christ’s love and sacrifice.

Through your partnership, you’ll help people around the world understand that forgiveness and new life are available to them because of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection.

Yes, I will give to help people draw close to Christ this Easter.