God’s Word is Changing Lives in Asia

You can help more people in Asia hear God speak.

Lily’s Story

Lily is a Bible translator who lives in an Asian country where the government restricts worship and Christians are viewed with suspicion by the majority of the population. While returning home from a foreign trip, Lily’s mobile phone was inspected at the airport and her audio New Testament app was discovered. Lily’s phone was confiscated and she was detained for questioning. All she could do was pray and ask God to give her wisdom and boldness in how she responded.

During the interrogation, the head officer demanded to hear the recording on her phone. When the Scripture app started to play, everyone present heard these words of Jesus in their own language. “Do not judge others, and you will not be judged. For you will be treated as you treat others” (Matthew 7:1, NLT).

The interrogators were shocked. It seemed like these words were meant just for them.

But Lily was not surprised. She knew that God works through His Word to accomplish His purposes! That moment, she witnessed God using audio Scripture to speak to her interrogators and soften their hearts toward her. Lily was released the same day, and several weeks later her mobile phone was returned to her, with the audio New Testament still there!

asian man smiling

Share the Good News with More People in Asia

As someone who loves Scripture, you know how vital it is to developing a deeper relationship with God.

Yet, many people have never heard the Good News about Jesus, who makes it possible for us to be friends of God. They’ve never considered a relationship with Christ because they do not have God’s Word in a language they understand.

That’s an invitation that everyone deserves to have. With your gift, you can help provide that opportunity today.

I want to help more people in Asia hear God speak.