Help the words of Jesus come alive in people’s hearts! | Wycliffe Bible Translators
Help the words of Jesus come alive in people's hearts!

This summer, you can share God’s Word with people around the world.


Millions still need God’s Word in their own language.

Around the world, about 170 million people haven’t heard God’s message of love and redemption in a language that speaks to their hearts. The Good News we cherish is still distant to them. But God is working through Bible translation to reveal himself to people in ways they can clearly understand.

You can join God in this work, partnering with language communities to move Bible translation projects forward — from equipping translators to producing Scripture videos.

People like Irina are experiencing God’s presence through Scripture.

As people in communities around the world encounter newly translated Scripture, the words of Jesus come alive in their hearts. That’s what happened for Irina when she read God’s Word in her language.

In Irina’s country, the Scriptures were widely available in the national language. That’s what she read at church and at home. Irina didn’t think translating the Bible in the language of her people group would make any difference.

Then someone gave Irina a copy of the Gospel of Luke in her language, and the words of Jesus came alive in her life like never before.

“It was like Jesus was one of us!” she said. “I could feel in my heart that he was much closer. There really is a difference.”

This summer, you can help people meet Christ through Scripture.

Lives are changed when people meet Jesus through his Word in a language they can relate to.

Many more people in the world just like Irina are still waiting for Scripture in their language. You can help end their wait and give them the opportunity to draw closer to Jesus.

Your gift today will translate God’s Word, train local translators and produce Scripture videos.

Yes, I will help people meet Christ through Scripture.