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Help Translate God’s Words of Love!

You can help more people experience God through Scripture.

The Marka Dafin people are waiting for Scripture.

Quiet moments spent with God in the pages of Scripture are precious to so many people. God’s Word reminds us of his love and comforting presence.

Unfortunately, many people aren’t able to experience Scripture in a language that speaks to their hearts — including the Marka Dafin people in northwest Burkina Faso.

Without the Bible in a language someone can clearly understand, it’s very difficult for them to follow Christ. And in the Marka Dafin culture, Christians are currently a minority as most people follow the majority world religion.

But God is bringing his Word to this community in Africa.

Recently, the translation team finished an audio recording of the story of God’s call to Abraham. It’s the first portion of Scripture the Marka Dafin people have ever heard.

Translation committee and revisers proof reading the text.
Translation committee and revisers gathered for proofreading.

“If God revealed himself to Abraham,” said a Marka Dafin man, “I would like him to also reveal himself to me so that I can serve him.”

A Marka Dafin woman shared, “I converted to Christianity in 1998. But until today, I didn’t know that God could also speak in my language!”

You can help translate Scripture for the Marka Dafin.

Today in Burkina Faso, the translation team is working to complete the Gospels of Mark and Luke, as well as the book of Acts. Imagine how joyful the Marka Dafin believers will be when these precious words are finally available in their language!

Your gift will help translate more Scripture for the Marka Dafin people, who are hungry for it. You can help provide churches in Burkina Faso — and around the world — with words that assure them of God’s presence and love.

Yes, I want to help translate Scripture for those waiting.