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King Cofi leads a people group in Benin, West Africa. He wasn’t a Christian but knew of the Bible translation work being done in his community. So Cofi requested a copy of the New Testament, which was recently translated in his language.

As Cofi read the translated Scripture, the Holy Spirit opened his eyes and heart and he clearly understood. Soon, Cofi assembled his royal court, his family and his advisors because he had good news to share. Everyone was excited to hear his announcement as he stood to give it.

“I have met another King, the true King, and he’s the King of kings,” Cofi said. “And I’m going to surrender my life to that King.” Cofi had encountered Jesus as Lord — and found new life in him — through the living and active Word of God.

Cofi’s life-changing story began because someone like you helped make Bible translation possible in his language. In Benin, there are many others like Cofi who are waiting for God’s Word in a language they clearly understand. That’s a life-changing gift you can help provide through your generosity. And when you give to Bible translation this summer, a special matching gift opportunity will multiply your impact!

Your gift today will help start Bible translation in new languages, translate Scripture for the “JESUS” film, produce audio Scriptures, equip Bible storytellers for oral language cultures and so much more. Ultimately, more people will encounter Jesus in life-changing ways through God’s Word in a language that speaks to their hearts.


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