Binod’s life dramatically changed when he met Jesus! | Wycliffe Bible Translators
Jatiya found purpose when he encountered God through his Word You can help people find purpose through translated Scripture

Binod grew up in South Asia where he worshipped false gods and sacrificed livestock in their names. As an adult, he developed a substance use problem, spending all of his money to support it while ignoring the needs of his wife and children.

But Binod’s life changed dramatically when he met Jesus and learned of his mercy through God’s Word in Jado, his own language.

“Christian friends from my village shared how much Jesus loved sinners,” said Binod. “After reading the gospel … I stopped all my bad habits and drinking. I found time for my family and children, and I recognized real happiness when Jesus and his words came into my life.

Binod decided to be baptized and introduce his family to Jesus. Today he is a Bible translator, helping bring hope and healing to people in the six languages that make up their language cluster. While the New Testament is complete in Jado, more people in this region need access to the life-transforming power of God’s Word.

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