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You can help satisfy restless hearts in northern Kenya

The Rendille people have lived life without the New Testament.

As a semi-nomadic community in Kenya, the Rendille people have spent their lives continuously searching for sources of nourishment in the desert. In the same way, they have been on a spiritual search — hungry for peace with God, but not knowing the hope of Jesus through the Word.

Yet as portions of Scripture have become available to them, they have embraced God’s Word.

Their photocopies have become dog-eared as they pored over pieces of the Bible in their own language.

Soon, they will hold translated Scripture from Matthew to Revelation.

Wycliffe is helping to print the Scriptures the Rendille community has been waiting for. With a printed New Testament, Rendille families will have the opportunity to embrace the new life God offers through Jesus. As the people hold Scriptures in their hands, God will continue working in their hearts.

Today, you can help bring God’s Word to the Rendille people.

From Matthew to Revelation, Jesus is evidenced as the Bread of Life. You can help print the New Testament this summer, and empower the Rendille people to find what they have been searching for — food that truly satisfies.

Yes, I want to help print the New Testament in Kenya.