Change Lives with Printed Scripture

Just $7.50 prints a New Testament for the Ngomba

Although she lives in Cameroon, Bernadette is really no different from you and me. She, too, faces challenges and difficulties. Bernadette often felt weak and helpless in these circumstances.

Her husband, John, spent most of the family’s money on alcohol instead of food and clothing for their children. And when he came home drunk, he became violent. Bernadette longed for a life that wasn’t filled with pain, anger and bitter disappointment. There was nothing she could do but pray.

Without Scripture in her mother tongue of Ngomba, Bernadette could not hear God assuring her of his presence, power and love. No one should have to face these difficulties without the comfort and strength that comes from God through his Word.

God’s Word Brought Change

The Ngomba translation team has been working hard and the New Testament will soon be ready to print. What a difference the gift of God’s Word is already making in Bernadette’s life! It is transforming her and her husband. John had been helping organize literacy classes in their community when he read a Scripture portion translated in Ngomba. Through God’s Word, John began to see how harmful his behavior was. Now Bernadette and her children have a safer and happier home because of the power of Scripture.

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Bring Hope to More Families

You have an opportunity today to make an impact in the lives of people just like Bernadette and John. For only $7.50 you can print a copy of the New Testament — a gift that will provide years and years of wisdom, guidance and hope.

And thanks to a $10,000 matching gift from a Wycliffe partner, your gift to print Scripture will be doubled, dollar for dollar. That means the Ngomba and others will receive twice as many copies of Scripture through your generous gift.

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$7.50 prints a New Testament!