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Without Scripture, Kafil lost hope.

Discover the miraculous impact that Bible translation had on his life.

Without Scripture, Kafil lost hope.

The Bena people, who live in a mountainous region of Tanzania, were introduced to Christianity about 100 years ago. Unfortunately the only Scriptures they have access to, even today, are in Swahili and aren’t clearly understood by the vast majority of Bena.

The lack of access to God’s Word in the Bena language has significantly impacted a man named Kafil.* “I stopped being a Christian for many years,” he explained. Then one day, something miraculous occurred. A Wycliffe missionary arrived at Kafil’s home and shared the gospel in Bena. Kafil’s life was never the same. Overcome with emotion, he exclaimed, “God is good!” One month later, he renewed his faith in Christ.

When people encounter Jesus in a language they understand clearly, their lives are forever changed. But without the translated gospel, people lack the hope and comfort that only God can bring.

Your generous gift today will provide print and digital Scripture portions to help draw more people like Kafil to Christ through the Word of God. For just $6 — the cost to print one copy of the New Testament — many of the Bena people in Tanzania will be able to experience God’s Word in a language that speaks to their hearts.

Every day, people like Kafil are transformed through the living and active Word of God. Yet there are still others waiting for God’s Word to touch their hearts. Today you can help bring the translated gospel to more people in Africa and around the world.

*Name changed.

Yes, I will help share the Good News through Scripture.