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Help print translated Scripture!

You can help share newly translated New Testaments with the Nyungwe.

The Nyungwe people have eagerly anticipated their New Testament.

After many years of painstaking translation work, printing is the final step for a community longing to have Scripture in their hands and homes.

At the end of 2018, the entire New Testament was translated in Nyungwe. Soon this community in Mozambique will have Scripture. All that’s left to do is print it.

Scripture is changing lives around the world.

God is working to bring his Word to people in a language and form that speaks to their hearts.

When a woman in Togo received the newly printed Moba New Testament and read it, she began to cry. She said, “All these years I thought it was only the pastor who could understand what God was saying. But now I’m reading it, and I can understand what God is saying to me.”

You can imagine the eager anticipation filling the hearts of Nyungwe Christians and church leaders. It’s their turn to celebrate the coming of God’s Word in printed form.

You can help end the wait for the Nyungwe.

When Scripture comes to a community, it changes everything. Your gift will help advance the gospel in the hearts of the Nyungwe people and help print Scripture for other people groups too.

Help the Nyungwe realize their dream of having Scripture — and give them the essential tool they need to share Christ and make disciples.

Yes, I will help print the New Testament for people in Mozambique.