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Bring the Hope of God’s Word to Those Hurting

Help people like Sofia discover God’s love

Sofia experienced hurt and betrayal.

Sofia, a mother of two little boys, knows the pain of a broken heart. Her husband abused her, treated her with contempt and didn’t provide food for her and her children. Once when Sofia resisted his abuse, her husband beat her so badly she spent a week in the hospital.

After that, Sofia fled with her children to the safety of her mother’s home. Even though her mother was always there to console her, Sofia’s painful experiences had broken her spirit. She didn’t know how to heal.

God’s Word brought hope and redemption.

Then one day, Sofia encountered the biblical story of Ruth, which had just been translated into Tanzanian Sign Language. Through the truths in Ruth's story, God brought Sofia complete healing from the painful memories of her past.

“Now, I have that peace back and learned that I am not at all alone in the world,” Sofia says. Today, Sofia is no longer troubled by her past, and God has even provided her with a job so she can support her family.

“I learned that redemption is possible in my life,” Sofia says. “No matter where I came from or what I have been through, I am a woman who God created. ... Jesus died for me.”

Bring hope to those hurting.

You can help people like Sofia discover the deep love of God and find new lives and hope in Christ.

God is bringing his healing Word to hurting people in Tanzania and around the world. Your gift to Bible translation will help people learn that redemption and healing is possible — because of God’s incredible love.

Yes, I will help translate the Bible for people who are still waiting.