Provide God’s Words of Comfort and Hope

Help translate Scripture that can change hearts in South Sudan.

Our hearts go out to the people of South Sudan. In Wau — an area where a team is translating the Gbaya New Testament — soldiers targeted people of rival ethnic groups, looting their homes, beating and killing them. Some sought refuge in a church, while others fled or found shelter in temporary camps across the border in Uganda.

People in Wau are asking hard questions like, “How long can we stand by and watch this happen?” and “How are we to forgive those who persecute us?”

Finding Answers in God’s Word

In the midst of all of this, the Gbaya translation team organized a series of prayer meetings in the community to plead with God to heal their nation. At the beginning of each meeting, the leader read aloud from some of the Scripture portions they had translated.

One young man who had been driven from his home by violence said, “The reading of the passage today comforted me. It has given me the spirit of hope, reconciliation and forgiveness to those who did bad things against us.”

Risking Danger to Translate Scripture

That is why courageous translation team members are still in Wau, risking their lives to see the Gbaya New Testament completed by the end of the year. They know the answers and any lasting solution will only come from God through his Word.

The dedication of these faithful servants of Christ is so inspiring. Stand with them today! Your gift will help translate Scripture in South Sudan.

You know how God uses his Word to speak into your own heart to guide, strengthen and comfort you in times of trouble. Will you help offer that same precious gift to people who are facing troubles and persecution today?

I want to provide others with the comfort of Scripture.