God opened Rasul’s heart through your generosity | Wycliffe Bible Translators
God opened Rasul's heart through your generosity

Rasul worked with a Bible translation team in Eurasia. He wasn’t a Christian when he started, but as Rasul read the New Testament, Jesus opened his heart. One day, Rasul needed to go to the airport — a dangerous journey on a road where bandits often preyed on motorists. When his car got a flat tire, Rasul was scared. He didn’t think anyone would stop to help him.

At that moment, Rasul desperately cried to Jesus, “If you are truly Lord, then please help me.” Immediately a car stopped to pick him up. Relieved, Rasul asked: “Jesus, was that your doing?” Then he looked out the window and saw a cross shining brightly in the night sky! Soon after, he gave his life to Christ.

Rasul’s remarkable conversion story began when someone like you partnered with the work of Bible translation. In Eurasia, there are many others like Rasul who are waiting for God’s Word in a language they clearly understand. That’s a life-changing gift you can help provide through your generosity.

Your gift will help teams translate the gospel, equip the local church to use translated Scripture, and provide print, audio and video recordings — including the “JESUS” film — in local languages. Ultimately, more people will encounter Jesus in remarkable ways through Scripture translated in a language that speaks to their hearts.

Yes, I want to help change lives through Bible translation.

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