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Rajiya’s Story

My name is Rajiya, which means “hope.” My people have been living in the Middle East for many generations, and we are known to some as Assyrian Christians.

Over the last two years, I lost hope. A militant group has been wreaking havoc across our land — kidnapping and killing my people. Many of my people have fled, risking their lives and their livelihoods to escape the terror.

I stayed in my home country, and ended up in a major city along with thousands of others who had been driven from our home villages. My body was still intact, but internally I was torn apart. I made contact with the Assyrian Aid Society, and they put me in touch with a lady called Mirah who was running a trauma healing group. The purpose of this group was to help people like me restore hope.

Mirah and the other leaders used the Bible as their main textbook. My people have always been Christians, but generally don’t read the Bible. Mirah, though, took the Bible seriously. And after this healing group, now I do too.

women lined up at checkpoint

On the first day of the trauma healing group, we looked at the question, “If God loves us, why do we suffer?” Mirah helped us find stories in the Bible to help answer this question. We looked at how the “wounds of our heart” can be healed through Jesus.

Mirah challenged each of us to hold our own trauma healing groups and train others to do so as well. I am gathering a group of women to talk and read the Bible together. I pray that they will find healing like I did.

I realize that I am once again becoming Rajiya — my hope is returning.

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