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Proclaim the reason for the season!

You can help more people receive God’s greatest gift.

Generations of families in a language group in South Asia didn’t have the translated Scriptures. They were unable to share the story of Jesus with their children in a language that spoke to their hearts.

But then a group of local pastors — moved by the Spirit — dedicated themselves to bring God’s Word to their community.

The pastors began translating the Bible, word by word. Then they reached out to Wycliffe to review the translation and, with your help, we were able to celebrate the great translation work they had completed.

This is God at work! And he is using each believer — as part of the Church around the world — to see lives changed through his Word.

You are part of God’s plan to share the story of Jesus with the whole world — until every nation has the Good News of new life in Christ.

This Christmas season, more families like those in South Asia don’t know about the miracle of Jesus’ birth, or the hope that he offers them.

But you can change that.

Your gift today will ensure that more communities have the opportunity to embrace the life-changing story of Jesus — the hope of the world.

Yes, I want to help translate Scripture for those waiting.