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Japanese woman signs
Japanese Sign Language: Producing video Scripture for Japanese Deaf signers

“Everyone, no matter who you are, [has] the right to get to know ... the Word of God,” Japanese Sign Language project manager Uiko signed.

For the Deaf to easily understand and engage with the Bible, it must be conveyed in video format. We're partnering with local Deaf translators to produce more of God’s Word in Japanese Sign Language.

Since 1993, 33% of the Bible has been translated in Japanese Sign Language. But there is still a long way to go. The Japanese Sign Language team has been working hard and they published the book of Daniel in 2020. They’re currently working to translate the book of Ezra. The entire Bible in Japanese Sign Language is necessary for individuals to know and be transformed by the love of Christ.

Your prayers and gifts will help Deaf Japanese meet Jesus through Japanese Sign Language and allow the body of Christ to grow!

I want to help people meet Christ through translated Scripture.