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Though Marjorie now works in the US (after 33 years working in the Philippines), her job serves those working around the world.

She might be helping authenticate documents, picking up a visa, or making a hotel reservation for someone coming to the DC area. By being in Washington, DC, she is able to handle these kinds of things for the organization.

Daily work otherwise consists of doing what is needed for this office, like paying the rent, making appointments for her boss to see an ambassador, working through the old paper correspondence to archive the history of the International Relations office, or any number of other normal office jobs.

Your partnership though prayer and financial gifts is an important part of the work of Bible Translation. Thank you for being involved. Though Marjorie is not on a field assignment overseas, she does contribute to the overall goals of Wycliffe. Marjorie is thankful to the Lord that she is able to continue in this important task in the US and yet near enough to her parents to be a part of their lives in the elder years.

Wycliffe Ministry Budget

Wycliffe establishes a Ministry Budget for its missionaries to reflect recurring expenses related to family factors and their geographic location of service. Giving to Wycliffe directly impacts missionaries’ ability to begin and remain in their assignment.

This budget covers ministry-related expenses, insurance and retirement, social security and taxes, and Wycliffe administrative costs. The remainder is what the missionaries receive as “take-home pay” for their daily living expenses.

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