A Courageous Faith

The four Gospels will strengthen the Dadiyas’ faith in God.

  • August 14, 2017
Dadiya children

There are approximately 30,000 Dadiya speakers, and they have a desire to know God. But without Scripture in their own language, their faith has remained shallow; they haven’t been able to experience God in intimate, personal ways. But soon, they’ll be able to experience his love through the printed copies of the four Gospels, as well as Romans and 2 Corinthians. Through these books in their own language, the Dadiya will hear God speak directly to their hearts and their faith will be strengthened — just like the faith of a local pastor who sacrificed his life for the sake of the gospel.

When Boko Haram — a local militant Islamist group — abducted the pastor last year, they told him that if he wanted to be released from captivity, he needed to become a follower of Islam. The pastor refused, telling his abductors that he was willing to die for Christ. Before he was killed, he was allowed to say goodbye to his family by phone.

One of the Dadiya translators, Joseph, says, “We should ask God to give us the courage to face whatever danger befalls us. We’ve seen how this pastor braved death because of Christ.” And through Scripture in their own language, the Dadiya will be able to learn about Jesus, the savior that this local pastor loved deeply — even to the point of death.

  • As the four Gospels are being readied for publication, pray that all the final pieces would come together for a successful printing.

  • Ask God to use the Scriptures to draw people to himself, revealing his love for the Dadiya people.

  • As the Dadiya are able to have an intimate relationship with God through his Word in their own language, pray that they would be courageous in their faith.

computer worker

Make a Prayer Connection: Pray that God would send a computer support technician for Jos, Nigeria. Computers are vital to Bible translation work!