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A Lost Truth

Translated Scripture is helping Roviana people recognize false teaching and leave it behind

  • February 22, 2016
Nearing Finish Line

Located in the Solomon Islands’ Western Province, the Roviana people first received the gospel message in 1902. Today, the headquarters of one major church group — the United Church (Methodist) — is located in Munda, among this Roviana community.

The Roviana have a strong heritage for the use of their language for Scripture and for worship. There is a hymnal of more than 450 hymns, and many years ago, a New Testament translation was completed. However today, most people do not have a copy of any Scripture in the Roviana language. What few Scripture books remain from an outdated translation are tattered and falling apart. But, praise God, Bible translators are now nearing the completion of an Old Testament translation as well as a revised New Testament. Soon, the people will have the full Roviana Bible in their hands.

Translation personnel serving the Roviana report that there is a strong desire within the local church for the Roviana Scriptures and a strong need for them.

Rediscovering Truth

For the past two years, the Roviana Bible translation team has distributed more than 100 copies of portions of the Old and New Testament. As a result, anticipation of the Roviana Bible’s publication is growing, and people are frequently asking the translation team members when they can get a copy. It's exciting to hear some of
the common remarks from those who have read the new translation:

“This is really good!”

“This is clear and easy to understand, not like the English [translation].”

“We can use this for reading to our children and for Sunday School and for family devotions.”

There are even several new young ministers who have a vibrant faith and are preaching the truth.

National translators and community representatives have spent long hours reading the translated Old and New Testaments to make sure that they are clear and natural sounding in Roviana. May the Word of God in Roviana come with great power, breaking through lies and shining the light of truth for all in this community to see!

  • As the new Scripture translation becomes available, pray that the Roviana people really understand the Gospel, replacing any false ideas that may exist with God's truth.

  • Pray that they learn to devote themselves to the Lord and his Word.

  • Pray for local leaders to develop a good teaching ministry using Roviana Scriptures.

  • Pray that many young families in the community would commit their lives to Christ.

Make a Prayer Connection: Pray for the Roviana people and praise God alongside them as you watch this video.


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