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Bible Translation on the Horizon

Stuck on the edge of beginning, will God use prayer to push a translation project forward for Touo speakers?

  • February 8, 2016
Beginning Work

Many of the Solomon Islands’ half a million residents live in small seaside communities. The endless blue horizons and remote villages of the Solomon Islands archipelago are beautiful to see, but can be difficult to traverse, especially if you are trying to get help translating the Bible into your language. But praise God — of the more than 65 spoken languages there, more than 20 Bible translation projects are in progress!

Touo, Unlike Any Other

There are some people among the Touo, a language community of more than 2,000 speakers from the southern part of the island of Rendova, who are interested in Bible translation. In fact, a translation advisor was starting to work with the Touo, but had to leave the country due to family health concerns. Touo is a language isolate, which means that it is unlike any other language in the Solomon Islands and the Pacific, and therefore a very complex language. A translation in this challenging language will not be an easy task.

Two-way Communication and Water Safety

As many of the Solomon Islands’ Bible translation projects are based in remote areas, translation teams often rely on two-way radios for all outside communication including email. Technical problems with these systems keep teams from connecting with advisors and consultants and impede the progress of translation.

Many local translators, fueled by the hope that access to God’s Word will transform their communities, make long and dangerous sea voyages in small boats. A wild journey across the waves on an overcrowded motorboat is sometimes the only option for people desperate to get to the next island, and beyond. Some translators, and even translation advisors, regularly travel across the surging seas to gain or give essential support and advice from other teams and consultants in the capital, Honiara.

  • Ask God to provide the personnel and resources needed to fully begin a Touo Bible translation project.

  • Pray for God’s protection on essential equipment like two-way radios and provision of wisdom to those who repair and maintain it.

  • Pray for safety for God’s servants around the world who must encounter travel obstacles between them and their desired destinations.