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Celebrating the Ngomba New Testament!

A look at the Ndaa people of Cameroon and how to pray for them.

  • May 10, 2019
Traditionally dressed man in Scripture celebration audience holds up his Ngomba New Testament

Cameroon beautifully represents the rich geographical diversity Africa offers. Travel across the country and you’ll experience savannahs, rainforests, swamps, mountains and desert.

Initial work on the Ngomba New Testament actually began almost 25 years ago, but numerous issues delayed translation. Praise God that now the Ndaa people finally have Scripture in their own language!

In the hills of Bamendjinda, Cameroon on March 16, 2018, the Ngomba New Testament was officially dedicated to a jubilant crowd of Ndaa people. Local village chiefs and many religious leaders attended the event. The celebration was filled with speakers, songs and traditional dance as members of the Ngomba-speaking community grasped copies of the New Testament in their hands.

Man giving speech at Ngomba New Testament celebtration

In the Ndaa villages, where Ngomba speakers reside, they are expected to never turn their back on a chief. As part of the dedication, Ngomba Linguistic Advisor Scott Satre used this cultural tradition to share truth from the New Testament. “We’re all sinners,” he said. “We have turned our backs on God. Think about it — we turned our back on the chief of chiefs!”

Two women look at the Ngomba New Testament

The gospel arrived in the Ndaa villages close to 100 years ago, but many local people weren’t interested in Scripture because it was only available in a different language. Now the Ngomba New Testament is available and can speak directly to the hearts of the Ndaa people. Additional resources like Bible curriculum are even being developed to support local pastors.

Pray that as more Ngomba speakers read the New Testament in their language, they’ll fully embrace the message and hope of the gospel.

  • Praise God for the completed Ngomba New Testament and for the perseverance of the Ngomba translation team.
  • Pray that God would raise up teachers and leaders within the community to disciple other Ngomba speakers.
  • Ask God to give the people teachable hearts as they continue to learn and grow in the truth of his Word.

Scott and Vicky Satre

Make a Prayer Connection: Scott and Vicky Satre began work on the Ngomba project in 1992. Pray for them as Scott now takes up a regional role in linguistics, continuing work on the Ngomba dictionary, while Vicky serves in literacy.