God Speaks Atianga

The complete Atianga Bible allows people to know God speaks their language.

  • December 18, 2017
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Praise God! The Atianga* Bible was dedicated in March, and its impact is already spreading as more and more people encounter God’s Word in their own language for the very first time.

At the dedication, the translation team heard many testimonies that depict the life-changing power of the gospel when people understand it in a way that speaks directly to their hearts. Several pastors shared how important it is to have God’s Word in their own language. It proves that Christianity isn’t a foreign religion, but that it’s for the Atianga people too.

One team member shared a story from when he was working on Proverbs with the Atianga translator, who is Muslim. At one point the translator stopped and said, “This book is amazing! I have three daughters. If only I could have read this book to them when they were young. Everyone needs this book!” Similarly, a pastor shared that no other book in Atianga talks about the value of women, about how to have a good marriage, how to know what God is like, and that people can see God through the words and ministry of Jesus.

The Atianga Bible still needs to be imported into the country. Praise God that the book of Proverbs in Atianga has been officially imported and that many believers are using apps to access the Scriptures in their language. As more people encounter God through the Scriptures in Atianga, lives will be transformed for God’s glory.

  • Pray for Proverbs and other Scripture portions to reach potential readers. Pray that God would open doors for distribution of the Bible in the country. Pray too that use of Atianga Bible apps will spread to all those open to learning about God in this way.

  • Scripture engagement activities will help people use the Atianga Bible in deep and personal ways. Ask God to give the team creativity in developing these Scripture engagement activities, that they will be effective and motivate people to value and apply God’s Word to their lives.

  • Pray that God’s Word would penetrate hearts and transform lives as people encounter God’s love in their own language. Then they will experience the confident hope that can only be found in him.

*Name changed due to sensitivity.

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Make a Prayer Connection: Pray for a website communications specialist to serve in Eurasia. Ask God to send someone with the needed skills and a heart for reaching people with Scripture in the heart language.