God’s Word in Northern Thai

The New Testament is almost in the hands of the people.

  • May 15, 2017
Thai ladies smiling

After more than a decade of work, the Northern Thai team is almost done with the New Testament translation!

The team experienced in a delay in the typesetting process last year due to a design issue with the font and layout settings, but that issue has since been fixed and they’re working at completing the typesetting soon. After that, the team will then need to have a publishing committee evaluate the formatting and review the materials before they’re able to send the New Testament to Korea for printing.

Northern Thai audiotechs and proofreaders
Northern Thai audio technicians and proofreaders at work.

Having access to God’s Word in Northern Thai will allow this community to feel God’s love in a tangible, intimate way. Goi is a member of the translation team, and has experienced God in new and exciting ways through her involvement on the project. She shares how her life has been impacted in a personal way:

When I first came [to work] … I knew in my heart ever since I first applied [for the job] that I myself didn’t have the ability and the qualifications for this work at all. I did not have any prior experience in translation. I didn’t know English. I only knew that I was Northern Thai, and was a Northern Thai who loved God who only wanted to do God’s work, and that many others who applied for the job had more qualifications and experience than I. But in the end [of the job application period] God used a lowly person in order to do a ministry that I consider a great ministry of his. From this experience, it made me learn that though we ourselves are “little,” but in his eyes, God doesn’t see us as “little” at all. He trusts and grants great work to each person who he would give [that person to do]. This is his mercy/kindness.

Goi also shared a truth that soon all Northern Thai people will know for themselves: “God is not just for foreigners only, but God is for the Northern Thai too.”

Thai landscape with village
  • As the team works to finalize the New Testament for print, pray that the final stages would be completed without further delay.

  • Ask God to have his hand on the printing process so that the New Testaments will come out beautifully, without complications.

  • Pray for the translation team as they plan a dedication ceremony, hopefully for the summer of 2017.

Roger and Joanne Green

Make a Prayer Connection: Roger and Joanne Green will be launching the Northern Thai New Testament at several large events in 2017/18. Encourage them with an online note and/or join their prayer team!