Holding God’s Word in Your Hands

Praise God that the Arrernte community will soon have the Scriptures in their own language!

  • June 19, 2017
holding the first Arrernte Scriptures

When people understand God’s Word in their own language, lives are transformed. It’s an amazing testament to the power of hearing and understanding who God is in your own language — the one that speaks to your heart. And soon, the Eastern and Central Arrernte will be able to hold his Word in Arrernte in their hands! The New Testament — along with Old Testament portions — was typeset and sent for printing last year, and now the community is preparing for a dedication sometime in 2017.

Translating the Arrernte Scriptures
Continuing translation of the Arrernte Scriptures.

The Eastern and Central Arrernte communities face many challenges that arise, in part, from widespread alcohol abuse and domestic violence, and having a large town in the middle of their traditional country. But these challenges can be overcome through the life-changing power of God’s Word in Arrernte. Only then can it penetrate the people’s hearts and help them to see that there are lasting solutions to these challenges found in Jesus Christ. As this community prepares to hold God’s Word in their hands, they will be able to witness the freedom found in an intimate relationship with Jesus.

  • As the community waits for the finished copies of the New Testament and Old Testament portions to return from the printer, pray that they would hunger and thirst for God’s Word in their own language.
Arrernte mother and baby reading Arrernte Scriptures

  • Ask God to help all the remaining components come together, from the printing and shipping of the books to the dedication and distribution.

  • Pray that the Scriptures in Arrernte would impact lives and produce the life-change that can only be found through knowing Jesus in a personal and intimate way.

The Finish Line 2017

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